What Does it Cost to Sell Your Home?

Cost to Sell Your House

Did you know that roughly 13-15% of the total sales price of your home will be paid to realtors and fees?

  • Realtor Fees: 6-7% on average;
  • Closing Costs (ie title fees, etc): 3%;
  • Seller deductions after inspection: 4%

If you want to avoid as many of these unnecessary fees and commissions when you sell your home and keep more of your profit, consider FSBO. I can send you my calculator to see how much you will save. Just reach out below!

– Mike

Cost to Sell Your Home

If you would like some help establishing how much you will net on your property if you were to list it with a realtor or sell on your own, reach out here! I will send you the calculator that I built and use today for reviewing the potential savings on my properties! No signups or payment required, I will just send you a copy of my calculator :)
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