Mike Buys Houses Offer Process

The Offer Process: What to Expect

Hey, this is my Mike from Mike Buys Houses. 

You may be wondering what does our offer process look like? You’re not looking to be sold by a used car salesman type strategy and no high pressure sales tactics. So you’re really hesitant to fill out the form and get your offer from us. Today, I want to alleviate any stress that you may have. It’s a super simple process for us. 

The Offer Process

So after the first call, we’ll do our research and we’ll find out what we think may work for us and work for you. At that point, we will schedule a call around your schedule and myself and Bill like to be on the call, if possible. 

Either way, one of us will go over the options with you. At that point, of course, we have our small talk upfront. We chat about what’s going on and everything like that and then we like to confirm any assumptions that we may have made after our first call. So, we may ask you a few more questions about the property, the condition, as well as any assumptions that we may have made about the goals that you were hoping to accomplish in the first call, stuff like that. 

So we will talk about what’s going on in your situation and the property again a little bit just to review everything, make sure we’re on the right page, that we understood you because it’s very easy to hear what we want to hear, right. Everyone feels that way, so we like to make sure that we’re on the same page and we can really understand what you’re trying to get done with this property. 

Review Your Options

At that point, we also know that we’re not the only option for you and we’re up front about that. So we’re going to review, does it make sense for you to list with a realtor? We can talk about that a little bit more. Does it make sense for you to keep it? Does it make sense to hold on for something else? We really discuss what those options are, what the tax implications may be, again we’re not your CPA or anything like that, but we’ll give you advice on what we’ve seen in the past and then advise you to talk to your specialist. The main point is we’ll review all those things with you. 

If it still makes sense at that point, we’ll talk about the options that we can provide you. Usually 2-4 options we’re able to provide you that we think would work great for you and work well for us. A lot of times those options include selling your property on terms, which means that you become the bank. Every month you would collect payments from us. A lot of homeowners like to do this because you can make interest on your money and avoid some of those big tax hits. 

So if that’s something that you’d like to explore, then fill out the link and we’ll schedule our first call and then follow up this call where we’ll review your options. So again you can reach out to us and we look forward to helping you. 

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