Can I Sell My House Before Paying Off the Mortgage?

Can I sell my house before paying off the mortgage?

Selling a Property Before Paying Off the Mortgage

Hey, Mike from Mike Buys Houses here. I was talking to a homeowner the other day, after I put my video here from Yosemite Valley and they were asking me about selling their property on terms even if they still owed money on it. They were curious if that was even a thing that they could do, so I wanted to touch on that topic briefly.

In essence, if you want to sell on terms, that’s a great option for you because you’re going to get the most money for your property and you will be able to collect that residual money every month potentially, depending on your situation and your equity amount. 

Additionally, I told him that even if you do owe money on your property, it’s absolutely still possible to sell your property on terms and get the most money for your property. So, if that’s something that you would like to learn more about, give me a call at 267-984-4765 or fill out the form below! 

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